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Dating Is Not Just For Beautiful People

Dating is not just for the beautiful people.

It's for those of us who are average and ordinary in the looks department, too. That's because the majority of people in this world are quite average and ordinary, giving us a huge pool to choose from.

If YOU are going to spend the time and personal investment into making yourself irresistibly attractive to men, I have a word of advice. Don't just focus on your appearance and ignore everything else. I know that it's much more fun to buy new clothes and get makeovers than ask yourself some serious questions about the kind of energy you put out or the kind of relationship patterns you've established, but for your own sake it's essential.

Attracting your dream man is about much more than wearing the right clothes and memorizing the right things to say and how to say them. Attracting your dream man is about putting yourself out into the world in a positive, loving way, and having faith that the right man will be drawn to you as surely as a moth is drawn to flame.

Dating is not just for the beautiful people. Dating is for ordinary people. Dating is for ugly people. Dating is for everyone, because the statistics shows that we all will manage to find love and affection. About 90% of Americans will marry by the time they're thirty, and most will marry at least once in their lifetime.

Believe that dating is for YOU.

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